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Some time trialing
« on: March 19, 2024, 07:00:06 PM »
Thought I'd stick a post on here to say there is some time trialing going on in the club, even if it's only me as far as I know. I thought I'd have a go at a few open events this year, especially as there is a specific road bike category these days. I don't have a swanky TT bike, and even if I did I probably couldn't steer it.

I started with the Cardiff 100 Miles RCC event out of St.Athan on New Year's Day. Only 10 miles despite what the name infers. And thanks to a modest entry (two) of road bikes managed to pick up 1st place, and 2nd overall, beaten by a 15 year old on a TT bike. It rained for the whole ride.

Then last Saturday I did the Cardiff Ajax 10 mile event in Risca. 37 road bikes this time and I managed 3rd. It rained for the whole ride.

Next up will be the Cardiff 100 Miles RRC 15 mile event on March 30 at Usk. I wouldn't plan a barbeque for that day if I was you.

These events attract a very wide range of abilities. There were several people around the 30 minute mark last week. If you fancy a go don't be put off by feeling you need to be called Remco. All the events are listed on the CTT site here
Filter on district (R) to see events in South Wales.

Being a member of OVW is all you need to enter (plus the entry fee, usually around 15).

If anyone has any questions about riding, happy to answer. And if anyone is planning to ride an event it would be nice to post here to encourage others, and maybe share a lift to the event if possible.